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La Ruta Del Mojado

Title: La Ruta Del Mojado
Directed by Jose Guillermo Morales Ferulli

With Abner Rivera, Amos Rivera, Oved Rivera, Mario Estevez, Jaime Garcia, Kristoffer
Eklund, Juan Perez, Cristian Mendez, Victor Barrientos, Herbert Miron, Chela
Martinez, Chochi Morales

Synopsis: “La Ruta Del Mojado” is a result from a video documentation made on a surf exploration trip around Guatemalan coasts.  A small group of surfers from Guatemala City made a surf trip to explore Guatemalan surf breaks, from the border of Mexico through the border of El Salvador. They also made a trip to surf the Caribbean, to explore calm waters from the North shore. The path from the border of Mexico through the border of El Salvador, which they were exploring, made them realize they were going through the path the migrants from Central America took to go to The United States. Here is where the name of the movie came out.

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