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The North Canyon: Nazaré Calling with Garrett McNamara


In October 2011 Garrett McNamara returned to explore the giant waves formed by the NazarÈ Canyon. This is the story of one month leading up to an incredible ride, told by a group of people who helped to shine light on one of the biggest wave spots in the world.

Run time: 60 minutes

Screening Time: October 17 - 7:15pm

with Step N’ Soul and Cactus Wagon

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 7.26.34 PM

Directed by Garrett McNamara, Paulo Caldeira, Polvo Concepts, Gustavo Neves

Director of Photography, Jorge Leal

Edited by Gustavo Neves

Videography & Sound, Jorge Leal, Ivo Carneiro, Gustavo Neves, Jo„o Vaz

Original Soundtrack, Frankie Chavez, Yagum Project

Music by, Frankie Chavez, Yagum Project, Xavier Rudd, Valravn, Saitam

Produced by Zon in association with the Village of NazarÈ Portugal


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