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Step N’ Soul




Step N Soul is a short film that explores the synergy between jazz, surfing, dance and improvisation by capturing a series of surfing performances choreographed and synchronised to Wynton Marsalis Sunflowers track.

It features English pro surfer Sam Bleakley who uses an mp3 waterproof player and surfs his longboard while listening to Marsalis track.

This is a unique approach to surf film making and surfing itself. The goal is to explore more of the potential the music brings to our experiences through action sport and life in general.

Run time: 5 minutes

Screening Time:  October 17 - 7:15pm

with Cactus Wagon and The North Canyon: Nazaré Calling with Garrett McNamara


Director’s  Note:

I always wondered what it would be like having a surfer listening to music while surfing.

So I suggested the idea to Sam Bleakley, the surfer starring in Step N’ Soul. His response was clear that the experimental project would lead to a real improvisation, and therefore a form of art that we haven’t depict yet through films.

I have pushed the concept and wanted to have the same music being played on both the shoot and the final edit, and to ad more symbioses I would try to have the performance synched to the music as much as I could on the final cut.

The look of the film is an anthem to Blue Note Jazz covers, and especially Reid Miles, former Art Director of the label in the mid sixties. It is also a way to focus on the performance by avoiding the indian ocean colour palette.

The jazz track by Wynton Marsalis is the ultimate fusion of composition and improvisation.

~Toma Jablon


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