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Soul of a Carnation, Heart of a Surfer


“A surf story about freedom and friendship, history and life, about the fellling of being free…and about soul surf!
The short film is a mix of documentary with the finnest and first great Portuguese Surfer and Waterman, Pedro Martins de Lima, talking about surfing in the 50’s until 1974, during the opressive regime in Portugal where surf were not allowed, and also a visual fiction of some friends that celebrates freedom, in reunion around the fire in a beautiful beach.
The film it’s a freedom surfer celebration…”
Pedro Martins de Lima
Carlos Lopes
Andrea Molina
Hugo Silva Montero
Lurdes & Leonor
Run time: 9 minutes

Screening Time: October 17 - 10:35pm

with Groundswell,  1964, and Gasoline

Director, Producer, writer, editor and cinematographer: Hélio Valentim
2º Camera Operator: Ricardo Ferreira
Music: Hugo Silva Montero, Pedro Martins de Lima


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