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New York, NY  - October 6, 2013:  The 2013 New York Surf Film Festival (NYSFF) is pleased to announce this year’s Official Film Selections including six (6) Feature Films and eleven (11) Short Films directed by filmmakers and set in locations from all corners of the globe. This premier showcase of seventeen (17) international surf films will play at NiteHawk Cinema, New York City, Thursday October 17th, 2013 from 7pm – 12am.

“Our screening panel reviewed an unprecedented 130 film submissions this year -  it was a tough decision and this year’s group of selected filmmakers exhibit extraordinary cinematic viewpoints, cohesive storytelling and unsurpassed mastery of the surf filmmaking craft,” says Morgan Rae Berk, Founder NYSFF.  “We are excited to celebrate our sixth anniversary bringing diverse surf film programming to the New York City surfing community.”

We present the 2013 New York Surf Film Festival Official Selections:

2013 New York Surf Film Festival Official Features Program

INNERSECTION: BLACK   Innersection is the world’s original open-source freesurfing competition, developed by Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers. The 13 all-new sections that form INNERSECTION: BLACK were each produced by the surfers themselves, then selected from hundreds of online submissions to be reimagined for this final release. The surfing was filmed all around the world, with highlights in Canada, Portugal, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Australia, and Hawaii. There’s also an all-new submission from defending $100,000 champion, Albee Layer. Innersection is pure surfing: surfer created, viewer selected, and ocean inspired. World Premiere directed by Nathan Myers, Calvin Knowlton, Saul Garcia, Ben Gulliver, Damien Robertson, Adam Chilton, Adam DeWolfe, Joao Rito, Nat Lanyon, Jay Button, Dan Norkunas, Zachary Hill, Toby Cregan

THE NORTH CANYON:NAZARE CALLING WITH GARRETT MCNAMARA  In October 2011 Garrett McNamara returned to explore the giant waves formed by the NazarÈ Canyon. This is the story of one month leading up to an incredible ride, told by a group of people who helped to shine light on one of the biggest wave spots in the world. NY Premiere directed by Garrett McNamara, Polvo Concepts, Paulo Caldeira, Gustavo Neve

GROUNDSWELL At great environmental risk, and against the wishes of most British Columbians and its aboriginal people, the Enbridge Northern Gateway project would pipe tar sands oil from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia for delivery to markets in Asia and California. Last fall, Raincoast Conservation Foundation teamed up with filmmaker/Patagonia surf ambassador Chris Malloy to highlight all that’s at stake. Groundswell, Chris’ short documentary, charts an extraordinary surf trip along BC’s unspoiled west coast with surfers acting as ambassadors for marine life. Through their remarkable experiences, and compelling narrative by young indigenous leaders, the film provides a fresh voice to a coast in peril. directed by Chris Malloy Q&A with Chris Malloy

A HUNDRED MILES TO THE END Follow a lifelong Surfer as he re-visits the places he used to surf over his 48 years of surfing on Long Island. Starting at Long Beach in Western Long Island and heading East to Montauk “The End”. Surfers are amazing creature, no matter what life throws their way, the are characteristically unfazed by setbacks and never give up. Long Island native John Beattie was a lifelong surfer up until 2007 when he suffered a stroke. Beattie had to retire his surfboard. Instead, he picked up his camera and began to document his irrevocable love for surfing “As a way to remain connected to the sport I love so much I began to film others surfing,” Beattie said. “I decided that I wanted to give something back to the Long Island surfing community for all the good times and all the people I met and places I’ve been over the years.” From Long Beach to Montauk, Beattie set out on a journey to recount some of his favorite surf spots, hence the film’s title, ” A Hundred Miles to The End.” directed by John Beattie Q&A with John Beattie

WAVERIDER Waverider In the early 90′s, a photograph of a young boy dropping in on a huge unknown wave made the cover of Surfing Life. The photograph became iconic. 20 years later, the Fijian surfer the world had never heard of, earned the chance to compete against the best surfer the world has ever seen. This is his story. At Cloudbreak, now rated by many as the best wave in the World, local boatman, Isei Tokovou won a wildcard entry into the Volcom Fiji Pro World Championship, with more than $400,000 in prize money. Surfing his home-­‐break with hand-­‐me-­‐down boards and without a trainer or support team, Isei carries the hopes of a nation into competition. US Premiere directed by Karl Lear

IMMERSION Have you ever thought how and where liquid monsters are made and where they end up?  Have you ever seen surfers in the barrel or the tube and wonder how it looks from the inside looking out? Have you thought that riding a wave is a lot more than standing on a surfboard, where there are all sorts of ways that a person can glide on the crest of a wave?  Have thought that over a hundred years we have been exposed to surfing photography which is one of the most passionate creative jobs in the world of to get the chance to see the worlds best all in one night? What about why big wave surfers do what they do when they are only inches away from death. IMMERSION – The Movie. The story of what is surfing NOW. Over the past four years, surfing enthusiast and filmmaker Tim Bonython has spent every available moment doing what he loves – conducting interviews and filming images of breath-taking and death defying wave riding from all corners of the globe to create a one length 108 minute movie. IMMERSION – The Movie immerses you into why people surf & how it becomes them. IMMERSION will take you behind the science of surfing where you will witness some of the biggest swells ever ridden around the world. IMMERSION documents events that made comprehensive & unforgettable stories that have taken the sport to a new exciting, different level. IMMERSION interviews some of the most reputable & passionate surfing photographers on the planet. Find out what surfing means to them behind the lens and how there business has evolved over the years. IMMERSION shows footage shot through a high-speed Phantom Camera that shoots 400 frames per second, Teahupoo never looked so scary! US Premiere directed by Tim Bonython

2013 New York Surf Film Festivals Official Shorts Program

SOUL OF A CARNATION, HEART OF A SURFER A surf story about freedom and friendship, history and life, about the fellling of being free…and about soul surf! The short film is a mix of documentary with the finnest and first great Portuguese Surfer and Waterman, Pedro Martins de Lima, talking about surfing in the 50′s until 1974, during the opressive regime in Portugal where surf were not allowed, and also a visual fiction of some friends that celebrates freedom, in reunion around the fire in a beautiful beach. The film it’s a freedom surfer celebration… directed by Hélio Valentim

1964 Set in the year “1964″ and shot on location in Nova Scotia, Canada. Dean Petty stars in this short film with a classic feel. “1964″ is clean and crisp and brings us back to a simpler time, not only in life but also in surfing. directed by Mike Bromley

GASOLINE The wave, the surfer, the dream… When these three words are combined, our lives can change. A surfer always seeks the best waves, that relentless pursuit that makes him travel the world searching for the perfect wave. But what if the wave, which we often dreamed of the ocean, was closer than ever imagined? And when we least expect it in a river? A group of friends from Barreiro city, in Portugal, discovered a phenomenon: the boat that connects their city to Lisbon provides a perfect wave that rolls along 150 meters in the Tagus river. They call it: “Gasoline”. A wave is just a wave until someone has the vision to ride it. And then the imagination can become reality. Perfect, beautiful and mysterious, the wave shows only to those who really like her, seek her, cherish, and have a special relationship with her. This is a story of friendship, dedication, strength to believe and sharing happiness in an unlikely scenario surfing Portugal’s most urban wave. Despite being in the sight of thousands of people, the secret was now revealed… directed by Júlio Barreiros

STEP N’ SOUL Step N Soul is a short film that explores the synergy between jazz, surfing, dance and improvisation by capturing a series of surfing performances choreographed and synchronised to Wynton Marsalis Sunflowers track. It features English pro surfer Sam Bleakley who uses an mp3 waterproof player and surfs his longboard while listening to Marsalis track. This is a unique approach to surf film making and surfing itself. The goal is to explore more of the potential the music brings to our experiences through action sport and life in general. directed by Toma Jablon

CACTUS WAGON  When Big Wednesday went south, so did its star, Jan-Michael Vincent. He hauled the film’s screenwriter, Denny Aaberg, with him. Turns out Denny had a Super-8 Camera. Across the border and into the hills they went. To the ag towns and bracero buses of the Valle de San Quintin. Through the sage-to-Sonoran transition zone of Roasario de Arriba. Past the charismatic mega flora of the Valle de los Cirios. Onward through the featureless Vizcaino. And finally – finally! To San Juanicio. Rattlesnake Point. Punta Pequena. Scorpion Bay. In this short film you’ll see Scorpion one year after the trans-peninsula highway was opened. No streets, no services, no Gringo Hill. Hardscrabble, empty, and perfect. Aaberg and Vincent surfed, drank, and licked their wounds. As the film’s Matt Barlow, Jan-Michael, said, “I surf just ’cause it’s good to ride with your friends.” Here’s Jan – and Denny – doing just that. directed by Denny Aaberg

FRICTION FREE FINLESS - MUSICAL NOTES WHILST SURFING  Finless exponent Derek Hynd, Californian young gun Ryan Burch and Rusty Millers free-surfing daughter Taylor, take on a Western Australian desert reef on finless boards. They are accompanied by members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra led by artistic director Richard Tognetti and indigenous musicians Steve Pigram and Mark Atkins. Over two weeks they compose music, surf finless boards and shoot footage for a live performance project called The Reef, which would tour all around Australia. This is the story behind “The Reef.” directed by Chris Duczynski

TELEPATHIC SUPERSONIC SPACE NINJA SURFERS Telepathic Supersonic Space Ninja Surfers is a film short by Hollywood actor Dan Fogler and his production company Studio 13.  It is an homage to video games, surfing, and the mighty morphing power rangers!  Starring Dan’s own little cousins. directed by Dan Fogler

ABYSS Take a dark and psychedelic voyage with Creed McTaggart as he messes with the hostile waters of Western Australia’s Indian ocean, set to one mind bending 10 minute track by Sleepy Sun. Abyss sends you back in time as it unveils and transforms a grip of differing shapes, sounds and personalities. directed by Jay Grant

SUNYATA LAPSE Ibon is a young basque guy that bring us a  message and a  reflexion about life…
The state of mind he gets when he is focussed in NOW, The Sunyata, an illuminated void, this little lapse without reality, without time and without pain….just happiness…. directed by Yarir Abou

WHAT TO WEAR A surfer girl wakes up in the morning and makes the not so difficult choice of what to wear. directed by Jennie Rutz

SURF RIGHT A documentary short film inspired by a community of cold water surfers who embrace unforgiving conditions to follow their passion. directed by John Huet

A special complimentary screening of the ‘Enyclopedia of Surfing’ digital archive of historical and current film clips will be ongoing in the bar and lobby throughout the festival courtesy of Matt Warshaw.

To view the full program, film synopsis and trailers, please visit Tickets for the 2013 NYSFF are on sale now at NiteHawk Cinemas

NYSFF WELCOMES THE FIAT 500L URBAN SURF PARTY, a “Silent DJ” party, listen to live music offered in a unique way by Silent Frisco, a cutting-edge San Francisco-based technology company that fuels parties with individual headphones. Silent Frisco enables being “scene not heard” by offering each attendee a pair of custom-designed, festival-optimized wireless headphones to crank the volume as loud as wanted (without disturbing the neighbors), and dance to the grooves of various DJ’s.   Fiat, in partnership with Grind Media is also premiering the last of the ‘day-in-the-life’ series featuring Local NY surfer Balaram Stack. Each of the episodes was filmed in each of the six FIAT Urban Surf Party national stops and highlights the ins and outs of each city from a surfers perspective. 

About the all-new Fiat 500L:With its Italian design and city-friendly functionality, the all-new Fiat 500L five-passenger model expands the appeal of the brand’s iconic Fiat 500 with even more style and efficiency in the growing B-segment. The Fiat 500L — the L stands for ‘Large’ - follows the U.S. introduction of the high-performance Fiat 500 Abarth  and a full-electric version of the Fiat 500 at the end of 2012.  The Fiat 500L and 500L Trekking are available in studios nationwide.

NYSFF welcomes back our official media partner Surfing Magazine.
NYSFF thanks the general support of our Friends of the Festival NYSurfingBuddies, Rockaway Beach Surf Club, Encyclopedia of Surfing, Saturdays Surf NYC, 5Rhythms, Hive SurfunsOund SurfVitacoco, East Surf Company and SurfersVillage.

NYSFF is proud to support Stoked Mentoring, RESURF & Waves of Health.

About New York Surf Film Festival:
Founded in 2007, the New York Surf Film Festival is the premier showcase for international independent surf films. The mission of the New York Surf Film Festival is to provide filmmakers who are exploring the diversity of surfing an opportunity to present their work to a larger audience. As surf culture becomes more popular, the notion of what it means to be a surfer expands. The New York Surf Film Festival’s aim is to build upon and shape the idea of what a surf movie is, while fostering the growth of this global community in NYC.

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